Sunday, 13 July 2014

Back in the old schoolyard

Ngati Mahaki cousins, Cadigans, Rochfords and Mahuika dominate the roll at the old Jacobs River School in the 1940s, with a sprinkling of local Pakeha families. Right up until the school closed in 2012, the roll was still dominated by Wilson and Mahuika whanau.

Reminder about the Bruce Bay/Jacobs River School reunion we'll be hosting over Waitangi Weekend next year (Friday, February 6 and Saturday February 7), at the school (now owned by the Runanga), marae and Bruce Bay Hall. No registrations, just an indication of numbers to the Runanga office (freephone 0800 955 007) would he helpful. Free whanau accommodation at the marae, otherwise get in early and make your bookings etc. 


  1. Does anyone know the names of the children in the photo?

    1. We can guess at some of the names, but be great to hear from some of the older whanau who will know them all.